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Donate 4 Masks.

Protecting our most vulnerable, one mask at a time.

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Donate4Masks is committed to raising funds to help vulnerable children and their families get the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) that is so desperately needed.  Unfortunately, many communities can’t afford to purchase these potentially life-saving items. 


To achieve our mission, we accept donations from all groups, individuals and through a GoFund Me.  Additionally, we sell our unique MOMO product (a mask extension) to help fund our mission.

All funds go directly back into purchasing the necessary supplies to keep our communities protected!


Working together with a multitude of local charities, we can determine the most vulnerable communities in need of protective surgical masks. We are dedicated to supporting all at risk groups and nonprofits in our community. ​


We partner with one of our country’s largest PPE providers, who sell surgical masks to Donate4Masks at a price below any supplier in the nation.  Clinical Supplies is as passionate as we are in helping children and their communities in need.


As a 13 year old I didn't think there was much I could do about a worldwide pandemic. But with deaths reaching 600,000 worldwide, I knew I had to do something. After a lot of time brainstorming, I decided to raise money to purchase and distribute masks to children and their families in underserved communities.


My first step was to create a GoFundMe, as an easy way for people to donate. Additionally I created a product called MOMO(Mask On Mask OFF), a hands free way to keep track of your masks, to raise even more money for masks. 


To distribute masks we had to first purchase them. I partnered and negotiated with a mask company, Clinical Supplies (who to date have donated  over $150,000.00 of PPE), to get masks for prices no one else could beat. Teaming with Clinical Supplies, we are determined to achieve our mission,  protecting our most vulnerable, one mask at a time.